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    Carbide tool export tax rebate improve standards improve

    Carbide cutting tool production is the future development direction of the tool industry, the export tax rebate standards improve, show the state of the hard alloy tool enterprises support.

    According to reports, China's cutting tool production mainly has two kinds of products, namely high speed steel cutter and carbide cutting tool. Because of the high speed steel cutting tool production consumes a lot of resources, and the products are cheap, the price is low, the industry is not encouraged. However, due to the domestic machinery manufacturing industry needs, as well as domestic tool enterprise technology has not yet been in transition, the majority of domestic tool enterprises still in the production of such tools based, while export volume is also very large. Last year China's tool exports $800 million, most of them are high-speed steel, cemented carbide tool only tens of millions of yuan. At the same time, the export structure of this product is also a factor that leads to the international trade friction. Although the United States, Germany and other developed countries on China's cutting tool has not yet obvious response, but some countries in Spain and South America have occurred in some countries to boycott the event. Therefore, China CMTBA Tools Branch repeatedly called for reducing the export of high speed steel cutter, this country for carbide tool export tax rebate standard adjustment, is to encourage and support the industry's best.

    In this year's export tax rebate policy adjustment, carbide cutting tools and other products of the export tax rebate rate from 5% to 11%, for the enterprise, its significance is not only to increase profits so simple. Believe that this policy adjustment is mainly to the enterprise a confidence is country in terms of exports is not stopped, at least to release the export industry attention and correct positioning, so the confidence is the most important. "With the support of the national and enterprise self confidence, I believe the future gol-egret tool in the international market will be more competitive.

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