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    CNC machine tools can not match the advanced domestic cutting tools

    With the current pace of development of domestic CNC machine tools. The defects of the domestic accelerate lack of supporting tools also exposed the invention significantly. CNC machine tools to the domestic advanced tool "with" foreign knife to". A few years of product structure. China tool industry in the new period of development has exposed serious flaws in the manufacturing industry modernization. Drag the hind legs.

    The development of tool technology of CNC machine tool industry to promote the role should not be underestimated. The traditional machining technology "fundamental change" hard cutting, dry cutting, high-speed and efficient processing has become an important symbol of modern cutting technology "and promote the comprehensive technology to improve the level of machining. It has become the key technology of NC machining has now occurred. This trend requires tool manufacturing and application technology in the manufacturing industry as the main target of rapid development. A large number of high-speed, efficient, flexible, NC machining. Composite, environmental protection and the current development status of domestic tool industry. But it is very difficult to follow the pace of development of CNC machine tools CNC machine tool industry to provide. It is understood that the "China's machine tool industry presents 80% tool with high precision and high efficiency, high reliability and low dependence on imports. The tool of production ability and current situation of serious excess. According to the industry's point of view. The factors restricting the tool manufacturing enterprise development mainly has the following three: low labor costs restrict the development of personalized.

    The low cost of human resources acquisition in China ultimately affects the pace of the development of the tool industry towards individual development. Machinery manufacturing industry in developed countries in twentieth Century 70s and 80s there will be a greater leap and innovation. As the equipment manufacturing enterprise support. This leap from the general machine tool quickly into efficient NC machine tools and machining center. The reason why there will be such a change. The processing requirements increase is one of the reasons. Another important reason is the labor cost as compared to the higher cost of equipment also forced enterprises to embark on such a road. This change accordingly to promote the efficient modern tool more and "market standard tool tool industry progress -- the original mass production is small. Personalized become mainstream.

    The real change in the face of China's machinery manufacturing industry is in the middle of 1990s. Although this change brings a certain development of machine tool industry. But it does not appear that significant foreign fast chain reaction. The important reason is the "domestic low labor costs. Many companies produce inert more willing to rely on cheap labor rather than increase with the efficient advanced equipment to meet the processing requirements. The power that caused the general machine and the old modes of production in the market. There is a lot of domestic also causes the standard tools is still a huge market "tool enterprise technology innovations and therefore relatively small.

    After all, "labor should be restricted by the backward equipment and the old modes of production of some enterprises have been gradually increase the investment in advanced equipment. Also increased for advanced and efficient tool. While the majority of domestic demand for machine tool enterprises still in the mass production of general equipment and tools. After decades of mature development of modern machine tools abroad the enterprise to fill this gap in the market. "So" domestic machinery manufacturing industry has not brought rapid progress fast innovation domestic tool enterprise." Professor Yuan stressed. But he also pointed out: "although" innovation is slow but we see from machinery manufacturing enterprises to machine tool enterprises to "enterprise" tool "must have felt the pressure of reform has begun to change."

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