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    Research on tool management and on line detection technology in flexible manufacturing system

    In the flexible manufacturing system, there are many varieties of processed parts, the parts processing technology is more complex, and the process is highly concentrated, the need of tool types, specifications, quantity is a lot of. With the change of machining parts and tool wear, damage, the need for a regular mandatory tool change and random. During the operation of the system, the cutter is frequently exchanged between the machine tool, the machine tool and the cutter base, the transportation, the management and the monitoring of the cutting tool flow are very complex. Therefore, it is needed to have an advanced, practical and functional tool management system, in order to achieve the task of scheduling, storage and information management in the flexible manufacturing system.

    1 tool management system should have the performance

    The performance of the tool management system should have: a large number of management tools, usually hundreds to thousands of the knife; two is the tool conveying a high degree of automation, high performance, intelligent robot for the conveyance of tool flow; three is the automatic and accurate collection of tool information; four is the use of large databases the tool scheduling and optimization of static and dynamic management; five is the online automatic detecting tool life and tool wear and breakage management, and can realize the function of online tool change. To this end, a key part of the flexible processing system in the tool management system as an example.

    2 the composition of the tool management system

    The system uses VB6.0 programming software as a development platform, consisting of 6 blocks and 5 external documents.

    2.1 program block

    2.1.1 user login module mainly to achieve the protection of the system measures to prevent illegal users to enter the system, to ensure the safety of system data and system operation.

    The initialization module mainly realizes the operation control system of the 2.1.2 system, to complete the online tool management module start stop control, task queue and interface management, confirm machining center and central tool library information.

    2.1.3 tool offline management module mainly realizes the tool library management tool, demand analysis, tool assembly planning, tool grinding and cutting tool presetting, generating, pasting and encoding information input, component management tool, tool purchase list, in a timely manner to provide the necessary tools in line.

    2.1.4 online tool management module mainly realizes the tool activities within the flexible manufacturing system management, ensure the machining center to get the right tool at the right time, to complete the supply and demand of machining center tool, calculation of rational selection and use of appropriate strategies to realize tool scheduling and tool delivery instructions issued and the tool of residual life.

    The information management module of 2.1.5 system mainly completes the missing knife inspection, tool storage management (including the new tool knife storage and return from the flexible automatic line storage), a database management tool, tool wear and breakage of the management and database management.

    2.1.6 system status monitoring module mainly realizes the monitoring of the tool and equipment fault in the system, and provides the necessary resource status information for the real-time management of tool management system. The 6 block is the main part of the system, they will call each other according to the logic sequence, so that the system has perfect and reasonable tool management function, and subroutine modules independent of each other, inter and interconnected by data transmission.

    2.2 external database file

    2.2.1 tool file, all the main parameters of all the tools, each of the 1 Parameters of the tool as a record of 1.

    2.2.2 machine tool file

    The main parameters of the machine tool, a model of the machine parameters as the 1 records.

    2.2.3 process data file

    A variety of processing and processing data, a processing method of data as the 1 records.

    2.2.4 cutting condition coefficient file

    A variety of factors that determine the cutting conditions.

    2.2.5 wear and breakage tool file

    The main parameters of wear and tear are stored, and the parameters of every 1 are used as 1 records.

    3 on line detection of tool wear and breakage

    Tool wear and tear on line detection methods are many, mainly has the power detection, acoustic emission detection, learning mode, force detection, etc.. In this paper, a new method for the detection of tool in flexible manufacturing system using neural network is introduced.


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