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    A 铣削系列
    B 钻削系列
    C 铰削系列
    D 螺纹系列
    E 航空刀具
    F 非标系列
    G PCD刀具
    H 焊接系列
    I 可转位刀具

    About us

    Changzhou Haili Tools Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haili tools)is located in Changzhou National High Tech Development Zone, with S39Jangyi Expressway in the East, 25km from Changzhou North Station of high-speed railway, G42 Huning Expressway in the south, 8km from Changzhou Benniu International Airport, with convenient transportation.Haili tools mainly engaged in products: 3C, automotive,railway, shipbuilding and other manufacturing industries with drills,milling cutters, reamers, complex cutters, etc. Haili tools can also develop and design all kinds of customized cutters according to the products or 2D/ 3D drawings provided by customers.


    Haili tools takes IS09001 quality management system as the standard,under the guidance of the business philosophy of "zero defect of products"and "zero distance of service, and based on the spirit of"integrity","quality","unity" and "development". adheres to the fair and just corporate style for management. Haili tools has 26 authorized patents. The products are manufactured by 5-axis/6 axis CNC grinding centers in China, Germany, Switzerland and Japan, equipped with high-precision inspection equipment in China, the United States,Germany, Switzerland and Japan, so as to meet the needs of customers with high quality and quantity.


    Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to inquire, Hail tools will continue to provide you with quality services.

    Telephone:0519-83441238  Fax:0519-83441238  Address: Changzhou City New District XIXIASHU Industrial Park vigorhood Road No. 26
    © 2016-201Changzhou city haili tools co.,ltd  苏ICP备11073435号-1  

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